The New York Times

“Ana Victoria Luperi, the principal clarinetist, was especially fine in solos in both the Rachmaninoff and the Respighi”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Victoria Luperi played with equal parts polish and expressivity”

The Dallas Morning News

“Ana Victoria Luperi made magic of the first movement’s serie solos”

La Nación, Argentina

“Victoria Luperi made a brilliant solo appearance”

Theater Jones

“The Messiaen requires a clarinet and that role was gloriously filled by Ana Victoria Luperi, the principal clarinetist with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Luperi’s assay of the movement for solo clarinet had the audience holding its collective breath the entire time. Crescendi, from a whisper to a fortissimo, were a wonder to hear; the breath control was astonishing and the pitch never wavered”

“Solos by clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi were breathtaking in their tone and musicality; she has a sound that sweetens the woodwind section as a whole and elevates their playing. “

“Ana Victoria Luperi gave a dazzling performance right from the moment she walked on stage. [..] Hedges makes amazing demands on the clarinetist and Luperi turned in a stunning performance. [...] All in all, it was a marvelous piece, thrillingly performed, that brought a rousing response from the audience.”

“Clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi played beautifully…”

“Principal clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi was miraculous and looked amazing in a dress that put an exclamation point on the entire performance.”

The Dallas Morning News

“The best moments came from clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi”

“Ana Victoria Luperi supplied lovely clarinet solos.”

“It all got a grandly romantic performance, with stylishly generous rubato, from Ana Victoria Luperi”

“New principal clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi sounded like an outstanding addition”

“Of the many beautifully played solo lines, particularly fine contributions came from Ana Victoria Luperi”

“Once again principal clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi supplied particularly telling solos”

The Examiner

“…The real magic of the work came not from the Hollywood overture-style orchestration, but instead from Luperi. The choice to voice the clarinet to portray such a versatile singer like Sumac was genius, and Luperi rewarded Hedges at every turn. Her versatility as a player was astounding!

From soaring arioso lines, directly into crass multiphonics representing the extreme low register of Sumac, to dainty floating lines, Luperi could do it all. Hedges sure demanded a lot, and Luperi delivered. At one point, Hedges drops the entire orchestra out for an extended unaccompanied cadenza, and the audience was enraptured on the edge of their seats.  When the harp re-entered you could actually hear a collective exhale from the audience that had been holding their breath.”

La Voz del Interior, Argentina

“Ana Victoria Luperi performed smoothly and expressively, rending a gentle but precise sound from the start. Luperi has managed to combine a technically flawless performance with a heartfelt quality to her playing”

Winnipeg Free Press

“Her lyrical take on the slow movement’s gorgeous theme was warm and serene, with a tone that blended into the string writing with subtlety and sensitivity.  Her tone spoke out passionately in the forceful writing of the first movement”

“Ana Victoria Luperi’s clarinet playing was wonderfully vocal and bird-like”

“The Kodaly was splendid and full of life, with especially fine solo contributions from clarinetist Ana Victoria Luperi”