This is the third in a series of interviews with the Musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. In this interview Victoria Luperi discusses her love and discovery of the Clarinet in Argentina and how it led her to the Fort Worth Symphony to become the Principal Clarinetist. She also discusses meeting her husband in the FWSO.

Produced by the Musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony: Producer: Paul Unger, Director and Editor: Erik Clapp, Director of Photography: Dwight Vasel, Chairperson of the Video Committee: Debbie Brooks. Production Assistant: Patti Nelson Bandy, Special Thanks: Aaron Pino, Valerie Unger, and Tom Reynolds, Shot on the Canon 5DMark III with the 85mm 1.8 lens, Additional cameras used: Canon t2i and the Nikon D7000. Visit for more information on the Musicians of the Fort Worth Symphony

A short interview for Vandoren Paris, filmed during the 1st Clarinet Symposium of Buenos

Aires (December 2011)